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  1. Mystical Studies/Holistic Health
    Mystical Studies/Holistic Health
    Mystical studies, courses, workshops, and lectures are structured and systematic and are intended to promote personal and professional development.
  2. Consoltation/Life Coaching
    Consoltation/Life Coaching
    Personal consultation spreads over many broad areas. People are at many crossroads of life, facing questions of meaning & true happiness in life as well as existential dilemmas.
  3. Therapy/Meditation/Guided Imagery
    Therapy/Meditation/Guided Imagery
    This is an active therapy, which helps you to heal yourself. It includes a wide selection of tailored suited therapy methodologies suited to your specific needs.
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About Us
Dr. Gil Tivon is a famous public speaker & lecturer, therapist & mentor for thousands of people & students, author of over 20 books, in Israel. He lectures especially in mystical studies, psychological topics, self-knowledge & awareness, character development, holistic health, Kabbalistic subjects. He is also a certified holistic therapist, & life coach, & many have consulted with him over many years, worldwide.​

Shir Regev is a former national Judo champion that wrote a spiritual- life coaching book today she is a spiritual psychic and health mentor – healer. Holistic healing coaching addresses all parts of the individual life, not just the physical aspect of a person. It is an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers, tools, skills and understanding how to live better, healthier and own your life journey.

Together, both Dr. Gil Gershon Tivon and Shir Regev are the heads of the Life’s Wisdom Center for Mystical Studies, consultations, Life Coaching, Therapies, and Diagnosis.
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