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Life Coaching


Life Coaching

Personal consultation spreads over many broad areas. People are at many crossroads of life, facing questions of meaning & true happiness in life as well as existential dilemmas. These dilemmas bring upon many questions and sometimes confusion about one’s life who may seek for counseling &life coaching, answers and guidance, knowledge and awareness, experience and practical solutions as well as values and empowerment ​​for their lives.

Dr. Gil Gershon Tivon & Dr. Shir Regev have extensive experience in personal counseling. As counselors & life, health and wellness coaches, many have received counseling, guidance & coaching from them over the years, both in the professional & business field, as well as in the field of personal life coaching and counseling.

Dr. Gil GershonTivon & Dr. Shir Regev lecture on topics of personal development, personal empowerment, life coaching, self-knowledge & awareness, positive thinking, creating abundance, palm & face reading, name analysis, meditation, guided imagery, psychotherapy, wisdomofKing Solomon, Zohar, Kabbalah, for many years to both students and the general public in many places around the world.

Also, Dr. Gil Gershon Tivon & Dr. Shir Regev also conduct workshops and professional courses in each of this field, with extensive experience in these fields for all ages, of all walks of life.  

In our generation, the individual feels the lack of value and self-confidence, lack of self-esteem & self-love, and with no proper guidance, he is left with doubts, anxiety and fears, anger, frustration, jealousy, uncontrolled urges, impulses, and competition& others. He needs guidance, counseling and life coaching & at times therapy, which will show & help him along his way to fulfilling &empowering himself, to achieve his goals, meaning & happiness in life.

Choices and decisions are more difficult than in the past when the world has become more sophisticated, options have expanded, and material achievement has often come at the expense of personality development and spiritual empowerment.

Personal counseling and holistic life coaching are the answer. They provide practical tools just for you, and show you how to cope with the current waves of life.

Also, Health Coaching is being offered by Dr. Shir Regev, who specializes in this field.
Counseling, coaching, and guidance are done in a methodical way & in depth, with an understanding of the individual’s needs, and awareness of the mental makeup of that person. All sessions are heldin a discreet and reliable fashion.

Contact us for a personal consultation, guidance or a life coaching sessions. A session will be arranged for you at the very first available time.

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