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  1. Mystical Studies/Holistic Health
    Mystical Studies/Holistic Health
    Mystical studies, courses, workshops, and lectures are structured and systematic and are intended to promote personal and professional development.
  2. Consoltation/Life Coaching
    Consoltation/Life Coaching
    Personal consultation spreads over many broad areas. People are at many crossroads of life, facing questions of meaning & true happiness in life as well as existential dilemmas.
  3. Authors' Books
    Authors' Books
    The Ten Commandments: 10 Steps to Your Self-Fulfillment The book introduces the reader how to transform his life to a spiritual, ethical, and morally decent life. Journey to the Center of Your Soul: Empowering You to Live Your Best Life The book is divided into chapters spanning various topics examining key truths and principles necessary for growth and self-fulfillment. It Is Not a Dream to Change Your Past This book delves into the exploration of past life regression and dream interpretation to help readers get a deeper understanding of their journey upon seeking the meaning and purpose of life Fit to Fight: Empowering Women‘s Challenges and Journey This book is a road map that will be useful for women in navigating their private lives and handling the many challenges they will encounter along the way
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About Us
R' Dr. Gil Tivon is a famous public speaker, lecturer, and mentor for thousand of people and students. He is the author of over 30 books in Israel. He specializes in Mystical studies, Kabbalah, philological topics, self knowledge and awareness, character development and spiritual growth.
He holds a PhD Degree in Metaphysics, specializing in Holistic Life Counselling, as well as a PhD in Cosmology, and a Masters degree in Law..
Together, Dr. Gil Gershon Tivon and Dr. Shirli Regev are the CEOs of the Life's Wisdom, and are the authors of spiritual books for soul seekers.

Dr. Shirli Regev Tivon is a spiritual mentor and health-life holistic counsellor who holds a PhD is Metaphysics, specializing in Holistic Life Counselling, a Master degree in coaching education, and has a background in international sports.
She wrote a spiritual life coaching book, names "A Journey to the Center of your Soul", and together with Dr. Gil Tivon the books: "The Ten Commandments - Ten steps to your spiritual self fulfillment", "Fit to Fight - Empowering Women's Challenges and Journey", and "It's not a Dream to Change your Past"

Holistic healing coaching addresses all parts of an individual’s life, not just the physical aspect. It’s an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers, tools, skills and understanding how to live better, healthier lives and own your life journey.
Together, Dr. Gil Gershon Tivon and Dr. Shirli Regev Tivon are the CEOs of the Life’s Wisdom Kabbalah, Spiritual and Mystical Center for Studies, Consultations, Life Coaching, and Diagnosis.
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